Romane antiquity
As far as we know, the first vineyard were recorded in the region of Anjou during the romane occupation on the early first millenium of our era. A place named Juliomagus was built and became centuries later the city of Angers. Some vestiges survived accross the ages and can now be visited at the Collegiale Sait Martin crypte (

9th century

Emperor Charlemagne owned a few vineyard near Angers

12th cetury

Since the reign of Henri the 3rd Plantagenêt, who became Kig of England in 1154, wines from Anjou were used at the court.

15th cetury

King René d'Anjou, one of the most educated prince of his time, had a deep influence on the region and promoted local wines.


Anjou is part of one of the greatest French wine-growing area : the Val-de-Loire. This region is remarquable for its historic inheritance (distinguished by the UNESCO) and its great variety of wines which quality/price ratio may well surprise you.

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, consommez avec modération
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