The domaine des Hauts Perraysowns 20 ha (4 ha of fallow land)
Area distribution :

Chenin 10ha
Cabernet Franc 4ha
Cabernet Sauvignon 0,5ha
Chardonnay 0,5ha
Grolleau 0,5ha
Gamay 0,5ha

From 4 500 to 5 000 vines per ha


North from the Chaudefond-sur-layon town, near Saint Aubin de Luigné, between Saint Lambert du Lattay and Chalonnes (the place where the river Layon flows into the Loire)

Production : around 700 l/ha which may change from a year to another, with a potential production of 90 000 bottles per year.

Sales : bottles, bibs and bricks for non-professional, cellar managers ad restaurants. Also available for export and trade.

Employees : 3 full time employees :

-Manager : Claire Le Fournis
-Wine shed Manager : Hervé Fardeau
-Wine worker : Claude Pignard
-Accounting and administrative secretary : Laure Gaignard
-Season worker : up to 12 workers durig the grape harvest perio
-External services :

Soils :
The river Layon dug its way into the fault between the Parisian basin and the Armorican massif.
Therefore, we find a great variety of soils with a predominance of argilo-schisteux soil with quartz inclusions. This minerality often pass into our wines and give them a specific coolness even for the most liquorous ones.
We also have some plots of land with carbonic soils and others with limestone soils.

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, consommez avec modération
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